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      Operation process
      1. Turn on the power supply, open the cooling water valve, and press the forward rotation start button to rotate the feed handle to feed the workpiece to realize cutting. When the rib stripping length reaches the requirements, the rib stripping cutter will open automatically and rotate the handle to continue feeding. When the thread rolling wheel contacts with the reinforcement, make sure that the spindle rotates for one cycle. Axial feed a pitch length, when the feed to a certain extent, automatic feed can be achieved, until the whole rolling process is completed, automatic stop, press the reverse start button, automatic tool withdrawal.
      2. When the automatic tool withdrawal is finished, turn the feed handle clockwise to return the rolling head to the initial position, and the rib stripping cutter will automatically reset. Remove the finished workpiece.

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      3. Check the length of thread with ring gauge, and it is qualified if the error is within the range; at the same time, check the size of thread head with thread go / no go gauge, and it is qualified if the go gauge can be screwed in, and the non-stop gauge cannot be screwed in completely.
      4. When rolling the reverse wire, first exchange any two positions of the rolling wheel in the rolling head, and then change the position of the travel switch block before and after, and ensure that the stroke is unchanged.